12th Bibliodrama Conference and EBN Meeting


 “Salt for the earth and light for the worldMt. 5.13

Matthew 5. 13-16


24th - 28th August 2016

In Manresa Retreat Center, Cluj Napoca, Romania

 The official language of the Conference is English. 

Bring your Bible or a copy of Matthew 5, 13 - 16 in your own language with you.

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Fee for international participants:

Accommodation: 220 € double room, 240 € single room (food and lodging for 4 nights). 

Conference fee: 120 €.

Fee for Romanians citizens:

Accommodation: 120 € double room (food and lodging for 4 nights) or 60 € only for food. 

Conference fee: 120 €.

Application deadline: 15th June 2016


Registration form

Places are limited, the registration corresponds to the date of subscription. Terms for deregistration: unsubscribing after the 30th June: you have to pay 20% of the conference fee; after the 1st August 100% of the conference fee if you can't find somebody else to take your place.


18:00 Dinner
19:00 Welcome to Cluj

8:00 Morning prayer
9:00   Workshop
12:00 Lunch 
14:30 Workshop
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Input session
21:00 Prayer

8:00   Morning prayer
9:00   Workshop
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Visit to Cluj old town
19:00 Dinner
21:00 Prayer 

8:00 Morning prayer
9:00 Workshop

12:00 Lunch
13:00 A trip to the Turda Salt Mine, and to the Turda-Gorge (For this trip, please bring a comfortable and weatherproof pair of shoes, clothes and raincoat that are suitable for traveling and walking/hiking.)


19:00 Gala Dinner - Live folk musik and dancing    (Please bring the folk costume (or parts of it) specific to your region, that you would be happy to wear on this occasion. Please also bring a sample of your national dish to this event.)

9:00 EBN meeting
10:30 Ecumenical worship
11:30 Lunch
13:00 See you next year

*Please note, that there might still be some changes to the program


- Mäkisalo, Aino - Kareena - Varga, Péter Pius

- Pelechova, Zuzana - Fluder, Bruno
- Hideg, Tünde - Goda, Gyula

Ilyés, Zsolt Catholic theologian, will hold a lecture and a talk on the topic of "The theology of the salt and light" on the evening of the 25th August.
The morning liturgies will be led by Knaup, Ruth.