Personal membership / Einzelmitglied


1.   Name:

Giovanni Brichetti

2.   Phone: +39030 6017042








3.   Address:

Via conter 17 Calvagese d.r. 25080


6.   Photo


4.   X Preferred language: English
      o Bevorzugte Sprache: Deutsch

5.   Profession & Education / Beruf & Ausbildung:

Bibliodrammatista e psicodrammatista formatore

7.   Church affiliation / Kirchliche Zugehörigkeit:

Cattolica universale

8.   Bibliodrama profile: My way into bibliodrama & my particular bibliodrama interests / Bibliodrama-Profil: Mein Weg zum Bibliodrama & meine besonderen Bibliodrama-Interessen:

Socidrama (sometimes more psychodramatic)

A meeting to express and experience the life of the participants in connection with the word of God.

I offer it in a church and education context., also as a personal support in therapeutic communities. I have courses for beginners abaout the methodology in Italy, Argentina, Peru, Albania, Brasil.

Any other aspects / Eventuell weitere Aspekte:

Coordinator an trainer for the italian association of bibliodrama. Author of an italien Book (and other articles and DVD about the subject)

first experiences as leadr of bibliodrama in 2001

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12. Signature/Unterschrift:

Giovanni Brichetti