4. Netzwerktreffen 2008: 5.-8. Juni 08 Järvenpää/Helsinki (Finnland)


The Finnish Bibliodrama Association has a great pleasure to invite all people
interested in bibliodrama or ignatian exercises

to join

The European Bibliodrama Conference in Finland

June 5th -8th 2008


Järvenpääntie 640, Järvenpää


The conference offers further education for professionals in teaching, pastoral care and counselling and is organized in co-operation Seurakuntaopisto and the European Bibliodrama network.

At the conference of the European Bibliodrama Association in Århus 2005 there was brouhgt out an idea of creating connections between the bibliodrama and the ignatian exercises. Five countries have had the opportunity to develop the idea through the project funded by EU-Grundtvig 2 program. After two years the project has come to the end, and these five countries may show the results of the Netbib.exe project.

The theme ‘Banquet’ comes out of the Bible text of the week: Luke 14:16-24. We will study this text in groups using different bibliodramatic methods and ignation exercises. We also have lessons about the group and individual processes in spirituality.

These two issues give the structure to our conference. The detailed programme is attached.

Gathering together gives always a great joy. At the conference we can share fellowship and our experiences of bibliodrama and ignatian exercises. We are also happy to welcome you to Finland the country of the midnight sun. The location where the conference takes place is very important in the history of the Finnish art. Many famous painters, authors and our national composer Sibelius used to live by the lake Tuusula. Their homes are now open for public to get a glimpse of the unique atmosphere of this artistic community. At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century these artists used to have a banquet. We also will have a great banquet together.

The meeting of The European Bibliodraama Association will take place just before the conference. After the conference there will be meeting of the Finnish Bibliodrama Association. The final meeting of five countries which have taken part of the Netbib.exe project will take place on June 8th-9th also in Seurakuntaopisto, Järvenpää.

The costs:

the conference June 5th – 8th          

full board                     233 € (lunch on Thursday extra 10,50 €)

participation fee          110 €

the meeting June 8th – 9th      70 € (full board)

Enrolment before April 30th

by web site www.seurakuntaopisto.fi            

Travel instructions / Reiseinformationen (in Englisch)

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Further information:

Maarit Palomäki tel. +358 9 271 9901 or maarit.palomaki(at) seurakuntaopisto.fi

Marja Kantanen tel. +358 9 1802 304 or mob. +358 50 324 3167

Comenius-Grundtvig Training Database reference number FI-2008-048-001.

Marja Kantanen

chair of the Finnish Bibliodrama Association

>>> Invitation (pdf)