Personal membership / Einzelmitglied

1. Name/Name

Lotta Geisler

2. Phone/Telefon

+46858033035 (home)

+46 863623 20 (Work)


08-636 23 06


+46 7076140 49 (Handy, mobile)


3. Address/Adresse

Läxvägen 23
S-177 39 Järfälla

6. Photo/Foto

4. Prefered language : English / German

    Bevorzugte Sprache: Englisch/ Deutsch


5. Profession -Education / Beruf - Ausbildung

Deacon, teacher

7. Church affiliation/ Kirchliche Zugehörigkeit

Swedish covenant Church
(also member of the Swedish Church (lutheran)

8. Bibliodrama profile : My way into bibliodrama /my particular bibliodramainterests/ Mein Weg  zum Bibliodrama/meine besonderen Bibliodrama-Interessen.

My way to Bibliodrama started 1995 in Bad Segeberg (or perhaps earlier because of my interest in the mixture of seriousness and playfulness in working with existential questions within and outside the church). After the experience in Bad Segeberg me and some collegues started to arrange open Bibliodramaweekends at Lidingö Volkhighschool (later named Utbildningscentrum Lidingö) and tried to come in contact with more Bibliodramainterested people in Sweden. In 1998 and 2000 we arranged two bigger national conferences on Bibliodrama and also started a network, which we at Lidingö took some adminstrative responsibility for by an adresslist.
Through the years we continued to do bibliodramaworkshops and to bring Bibliodrama into other fields.
In my education to an expressive arts therapist (1999-2003) I choosed to write my examwork about Bibliodrama, because I saw many interesting connections to the world of Expressive Arts. I decided to get more involved into the work on the european level and visited the Hamburger Bibliodramadays in october 2002. There I decided to do the Bibliodrama Ausbildung with Antje Kiehn and Ottar Reinertssen. At the same time we also got involved in the european work for a partnership, participated in the consultationwork and arranged a conference and a consultation at Lidingö, Sweden in spring 2004.
After the basic course in Hamburg I´ve started the “Qualifizierungskurs” together with my collegue Lars-Gunnar Skogar and we are doing it right now, again with Antjhe Kiehn and Ottar Reinhertssen as leaders. Lars-Gunnar Skogar and I are trying to build up a Bibliodramacourse in Sweden at the moment.

9. I have red and I join the Charta of the European Bibliodrama Network..  Only by paying the subscription I can be registered in the European Bibliodrama Network. / Ich habe die Charta des Europäische Bibliodrama Netzwerks gelesen und ich stimme ihr zu. Nach Zahlung des Beitrages werde ich in dem Europäische Bibliodrama Netzwerk registriert.

11. Date /Datum                Signature/Unterschrift

2005-06-07               Lotta Geisler