Personal membership / Einzelmitglied

1.   Name: Zuzana Pelechova

2.   Phone:


      Mobile:+42 - 20602 257 583


3.   Address:



6.   Photo

4.   Preferred language: English

5.   Profession & Education / Beruf & Ausbildung:teacher; social pedagogy, theology


7.   Church affiliation / Kirchliche Zugehörigkeit:
roman catholic


8.   Bibliodrama profile: My way into bibliodrama & my particular bibliodrama interests / Bibliodrama-Profil: Mein Weg zum Bibliodrama & meine besonderen Bibliodrama-Interessen:
I learnt Bibliodrama at a college in Prague from Mireia Rysková with who I continued in performing Bibliodrama programs. I usually work with young people at the university or elsewhere.
I am from a country where Bibliodrama is not very well known, so I am interested in anything what could help us start, invitations, offers, materials...


9.   I have read and I join the Charta of the European Bibliodrama Network. Only by paying the subscription I can be registered in the European Bibliodrama Network.
Ich habe die Charta des Europäischen Bibliodrama-Netzwerks gelesen und ich stimme ihr zu. Nach Zahlung des Beitrages werde ich in dem Europäischen Bibliodrama-Netzwerk registriert.

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